Japan is a country that you definitely heard about or may have even visited. Most of us think of Japan’s impressive economy or technological development when hearing about this country, but Japan has a lot more to offer to people from all over the world. If you are a single man searching for your ideal bride, you should definitely consider Japanese mail order brides. Here is your A to Z guide to Japanese women for marriage.

Why Are Japanese Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

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Every year, there are thousands of lucky foreign men who marry Japanese mail order brides, and their popularity only continues to grow. There are many charming qualities in Japanese brides, and here are the ones you need to know about first.

They are more beautiful than you can imagine

The Japanese beauty standard is known all over the planet and there are many women in the world who try to emulate it with various degrees of success. The key features of Japanese beauty include porcelain skin with slightly rosy cheeks, tasteful eye and lip makeup, and a flawless hairdo. Japanese women are famously slender and have a medium to low height, which is why you will always feel taller and stronger with a Japanese girl by your side. The fashion sense of Japanese brides is modern and trendy but with an authentic feel.

They are fiercely intelligent

Smart people are highly respected in Japan and the parents of Japanese girls invest a lot of resources into giving their daughters a proper education. On top of that, Japanese women are naturally curious and will never miss an opportunity to learn something new and educate themselves. Even though you and your Japanese bride come from totally different worlds, you will find a lot in common simply because Japanese women have more knowledge and interests than most ladies in the world.

They know the value of money

Japanese women begin working immediately after graduation and they achieve great career heights by the time they get married. Since they are earning their own money, they know exactly how to spend it the right way. Japanese women are great with finances and it’s the main reason why so many Japanese households rely solely on the woman’s financial skills to save for a new house, a nice vacation, or simply to manage money in the family.

What Are Japanese Wives Like?

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It can feel great to date a Japanese woman for a while, but you can experience even more of the amazing qualities of Japanese brides if you marry one of them. These are the three best things about being married to a Japanese wife.

They are excellent multitaskers

Japanese women tend to continue working even after getting married and having children, but they don’t allow their work ambitions to interfere with their family commitments. A Japanese wife will always choose family in favor of her career, but she doesn’t need to make any sacrifices — one of the main talents of Japanese women for marriage is being able to fit anything in their busy schedules.

They will do anything to make the marriage last

Divorce is not at all common in Japan, and for many Japanese wives, it’s simply not an option. Japanese women put so much time and effort into picking the perfect partner for life that they are not prepared to throw that all away at the first sight of problems in marriage. A Japanese wife will try to keep you happy and satisfied, and as long as you pay enough attention to her, your marriage should easily last forever.

They create their own family traditions

Japanese wives understand that the family can only be close and happy if there are lots of shared experiences between all of its members. A Japanese wife will try and create some family traditions that will allow you to bond and become even closer to each other. From making pancakes on Sundays to taking an annual trip to someplace nice — Japanese women for marriage have lots of tricks up their sleeves.

Why Are Japanese Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

If you have never lived in Japan, you may think that it’s one of the best countries on the planet with an outstanding economy, lots of possibilities for women, and a generally high quality of living. And while it’s all true, there is also a different side of Japan. Most of the men there are workaholics and always put work first while not paying as much attention to their women.

Japanese girls don’t want to accept it as part of their reality. They are very happy living in Japan for many reasons, but the one thing they are unhappy about is the way Japanese men treat them. Japanese brides want constant attention, passion, and to be their men’s top priority. That is exactly why so many Japanese mail order brides want to try their luck with foreign guys.

The Guide on Marrying a Japanese Woman

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Tips on dating a Japanese girl

No matter how much you may want to marry your sexy Japanese woman, you will need to date her for a period of a few months to a few years to show her that you are a worthy partner and will make an even better husband. Here is how to date a Japanese girl with the best results.

  • Find some common ground. The key is to talk as much as possible, discussing your lives prior to the moment you met each other. You may have visited the same landmark, had the same job after school, or saw the same music artist live.
  • Respect her time. Japanese people are incredibly punctual and they expect the same from the people they date. Your Japanese woman will be right on time when you ask her out, and when she arrives at the date and you are not yet around, it’s going to significantly hurt your positions.
  • Ask her what she wants to do. Japanese girls are not opposed to the man taking the leading position in the relationship, but they enjoy it when men ask for their opinion instead of simply informing them of the next date location and activities.
  • Don’t say negative things about her work. Work is very important to Japanese women: it’s a source of their independence and an essential component of their self-confidence. Telling a Japanese bride to leave work will only cause her to react negatively to your proposal.
  • Maintain the communication between dates. Since you are both busy individuals, you may not be able to meet in person as often as you’d like. However, you can keep contact using a messenger to keep each other interested in between dates.

Meeting Japanese bride parents: 3 tips

Japanese mail order brides prefer taking their time before bringing their boyfriend to their family home, so when that happens, you can rest assured your Japanese woman has some serious intentions. Here is how you can charm your potential Japanese in-laws from first sight.

  • Brush up on your knowledge of Japanese. Grown-up Japanese people typically don’t have a strong command of English, and while your bride will happily act as a translator, you will easily impress her parents if you learn a few phrases in Japanese.
  • Talk about your own family. When you are at your Japanese bride’s home to learn more about her family, it’s a great time to also introduce your own family. Use photographs and little stories to tell them who’s who and how you feel about them.
  • Eat everything on your plate and ask for seconds. Dinner will be an essential part of your first meeting with the parents of your Japanese mail order bride, and in most cases, it will be cooked solely by her mother. That is why you need to demonstrate visible delight with all the food you’re served.
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Japanese wedding customs and laws

A Japanese wedding ceremony is unlike anything you’ve witnessed before and it can take you months to master all the aspects of a Japanese wedding. These 5 wedding traditions in Japan are just a small taste of the things you will experience at your own ceremony.

  • Engagement, or Yuino. After you propose to your Japanese bride and before the wedding will take place, there will be an official engagement ceremony, where you will ask for your bride’s hand in marriage from her parents and give them symbolic gifts.
  • Several outfit changes. Japanese brides and grooms are expected to go through several outfits during the ceremony. The groom typically starts the wedding in a solemn black kimono and may change into something more colorful later.
  • Four wedding styles. Buddhist, Shinto, Christian, and non-religious. Today, you can choose from four types of wedding ceremonies in Japan, but many couples now combine the elements from two or more styles: for example, Shinto weddings with Christian elements are very popular nowadays.
  • Nuptial cups. Instead of saying their wedding vows, Japanese couples drink sake from special ceremonial cups. Both the bride and the groom will take three sips from three different cups and then give the cups to their parents, who will also take sips.
  • The couple takes the stage. At a Japanese wedding reception, the couple needs to be made feel special and easy to see for any guest of the event. That is why the newlyweds will be seated on a stage above everyone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do Japanese girls play hard to get?

Japanese women may seem reserved when you first meet them, but this behavior only comes from their lack of confidence in your intentions. Japanese brides won’t intentionally make things hard for you, and once they see that you have long-term plans and are not looking for something casual or a one-night-stand, they will eagerly open up to you.

What if our cultural backgrounds are totally different?

The difference in cultural backgrounds is very common in relationships between Western men and foreign mail order brides, but it doesn’t have to be a big problem. Sure, you grew up watching completely different TV shows and reading different books, but that only gives you more opportunities to know each other better and share each other’s experiences.

Will my Japanese bride want to leave Japan for good?

Japanese women love their country too much to be able to say goodbye to it forever. Even after a Japanese bride moves to another country for marriage, she will still want to regularly go back to Japan. If your career allows it, you may consider moving to Japan to be with your Japanese bride — that way, she won’t need to make any difficult decisions regarding leaving her home country.